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A new face to island politics, I'm a creative, born and educated in Guernsey. I currently run a digital art platform that addresses social and environmental issues. In recent years I have worked at the Eden Project, travelled, been involved in and undertaken community projects. I believe my fresh perspective and will for creativity and innovation make me a perfect candidate to serve as a people's deputy on our beautiful island. 


I forever get myself enthralled in political debate; discussions of political awareness and involvement, corruption and transparency. I believe with openness and inclusion we can do better and go further. It's a thirst for change that has made me determined to stand in this year's general election. I believe we are at a crossroads, let’s put health, wellbeing, education and environment to the heart of how we collectively measure what matters.

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I am running for deputy because it's time for a rethink and refresh. It’s time we ‘cut the crap’, islanders need to be listened to and we need to engage with young people. My generation is under represented in island politics, if you don't have a seat at the table you are probably on the menu! Our government needs to be more accessible and accountable. 

We should seek a new level of transparency, calling for a Freedom of Information law, allowing us to see the reports we pay for. We need to see the evidence that is used to make decisions, rather accepting closed door discussions. 

We can reimagine the way the public engages with the States. We can use technology to give more power and influence to the people. We need to simplify government processes, making an efficient, accessible centre for public involvement whilst supporting the autonomy of islanders and business.

I’ve got no financial backing or entrenched ideology of how things should be, I'm open to discussion. My guiding principles will be; to listen to, learn from and engage with islanders on a collaborative basis. 

Change is coming and it should be on our terms.


I have no political affiliation, I believe we can, and must, move towards a better society. All my policy decisions will be centred around health, wellbeing, environment and regenerative economic growth.

I am standing for election because I think there is a place for greater creativity and inclusivity within our government. I feel strongly that there is a need for deputies to focus on innovative solutions and better public engagement to meet the long term needs of islanders.


  • Listen to the experts and act accordingly.

  • We need an end to inaction and reactionary politics. Action to meet a ten year plan for decarbonisation.

  • The IPCC report makes clear the need to act fast and address climate change in a proactive, inclusive way, now I appreciate Guernsey’s actions will not change the world. But an Island carbon neutral in ten years will certainly create a stir, we have the potential to lead the way in a green covid recovery putting our magnificent island firmly on the map. 

  • Champion green ventures with environmental, social and economic benefits.

  • Encourage a shift from models of ownership to user-ship, such as cycle sharing platforms and neighbourhood libraries for tools and equipment.

  • Building resilience into local food supplies, investing in community growing projects.

  • Ensure all government contracts are with businesses and companies with shared environmental values and targets.

  • Ensure public money is not invested in projects that directly or indirectly support the fossil fuel economy. 

  • When was the last time this island made a park? Let’s invest in our outside spaces and local biodiversity regenerating soil and natural habitat. 

  • Support a centre for nature and environmental research to educate our young people on the environment and its needs. 

Renewable Energy 

  • We need to invest in solar, wind and tidal power. Many say ‘Guernsey has no natural resources.’ wrong. We are sitting on what can only be described as an energy farm and I believe we should be using it. Our energy prices are going up, by investing we wouldn’t just drastically reduce our energy costs, we could set a world leading example with the capability of selling excess energy back to Europe. How do we pay for it? Well potentially green bonds and public/private sector collaboration - there is no shortage of investors willing to dip into the renewable energy industry. 


  • We must resolve the nurses pay disparity - nurses need better pay. Investing in our nurses and carers invests in our own health.

  • We need to find a way forward resolving the reciprocal health agreement, I believe it has gone on for far too long. If the UK is not willing to budge, we need to look at alternative protections for islanders travelling abroad. 

  • We need to do more to support those with mental health issues, and do more to help support our young people develop healthy minds. I believe we need to look at mindfulness in schooling, and seriously address how social media feeds affect the development of our children and act decisively. I believe we need a joint up approach between government and the third sector, Guernsey should invest in a crisis centre. 

  • We need to seriously look at how we provide care, with costs rising well beyond what Individuals, families and the state can afford. We need to ensure older islanders are looked after.


  • Build a world class system of education with the child at the centre, supporting a model of education centred around wellbeing.

  • It is clear the island does not support a two school model, whilst we must wait for the pause and review report I favour a three school model (11-16) with a six form centre so all our children have a diverse range of further education options. 

  • I believe we need to invest more in the College of FE, providing further opportunities for youngsters and investing in adult education courses.

Government Accountability and Accessibility 

  • Support taking forward the anti-Discrimination Legislation

  • Reduce the many costly off-island consultations on local issues: what we need is more Islanders involved in decision making, not on the sidelines. Invest in local research capabilities.

  • Measure what matters; rethink how we determine our success and our failures. 

  • Make politics more accessible, build more informal open forums for debate on local issues.

  • A Freedom of information law to create a meaningful sense of accountability in our government.


  • Listen to the housing needs of the young and first time buyers, explore creative solutions in space allocation, building materials and design. Creating green interventions for new developments, eg. require all new homes suitably located to install solar panels.

  • We need tougher regulation to ensure rent is capped not just to inflation but what wages will allow. 

Local Transport

  • 'the elephant in the road' - I like elephants, I dislike giant cars clogging up our beautiful streets. Some cars are just not designed for our island, we need to challenge Guernsey’s unhealthy drive everywhere culture. 

  • To do this we need to invest in an intelligent mobility solution that is driven by community involvement and consideration for other islanders should take centre stage. 

  • This is about providing alternatives for those who want to and physically can, I believe buses and bikes are key. Reducing the amount of vehicles on the road not only makes things better for cyclists and pedestrians, but those who need to drive (less bumper to bumper traffic). 

If elected, I intend to be an independent voice of reason, I will say it how it is, be unafraid to stand up for islanders and pursue positive consensual change.


Get in touch if you want to know more, I'm happy to meet for a coffee or beer and talk about my values and the future of our island.  



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"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu."


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